NBA to make decision regarding coronavirus on Thursday

The NCAA has decided to conduct its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments without fans. The NBA will make a decision regarding its coronavirus course of action on Thursday.

A conference call involving the NBA Board of Governors and league office generated a consensus that the league continue the season without fans in arenas or take a hiatus for an indefinite period of time. The “greater consensus” was to proceed with games in empty venues.

What may have seemed like an overreaction a week ago quickly has become the prudent, mainstream view. And for good reason. The more the virus is limited in its spread, the fewer the people who will be infected. The fewer the infected, the fewer the deaths.

And that’s ultimately our obligation as a society — to protect the most vulnerable, from the elderly to those with health conditions that make them more susceptible to a negative outcome.

The NFL still has not canceled the league meetings or rescheduled the draft for a smaller setting with minimal staff. It will be a surprise if the league hasn’t acted on either event within the next few days.