Heavy breather made up to 16,000 silent calls to care homes

A man accused of bombarding care home staff with menacing, late-night ‘heavy breathing’ calls has appeared in court.

Sadiq Mansoor was said to have made 1,210 silent calls to particular employees at four different care homes in Skipton, North Yorkshire, between January and August last year.

The 34-year-old attended the city’s Magistrates’ Court last Friday to answer four counts of sending communications of an indecent or offensive nature for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety and four of harassment without violence.

But the case was adjourned after prosecutor Richard Davies revealed: ‘Police have made reference that there may be another six care homes listed and could total more than 16,000 calls. In fairness to Mr Mansoor the matter needs to be looked at completely.’

According to the current charges, Mansoor is said to have made 155 heavy breathing phone calls to one home between June 28 and July 30 last year.

He is alleged to have made 201 to another home between June 27 and July 16, a further 671 to a third home between January 1 and August 7, and 188 to a fourth between June 28 and July 16.

The allegations are contrary to the Malicious Communications Act of 1988 and the Protection of Harassment Act 1977.

Mr Davies said it was necessary to have a full review of the charges and the dates the allegations referred to and asked for a short adjournment for the information to be obtained.

No pleas were entered and Mansoor was bailed to return to the same court on March 30.